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Our Team

Soil Sage is home to the most advanced reclamation science currently available. This is made possible through our highly qualified team of credentialed scientists. We use the latest enterprise drone platform and RGB sensor from DJI, and Multi-Spectral cameras from MicaSense. 


Judy Daniels, Ph.D.
CEO, Principal Scientist

Dr. Judy Daniels is the Founder, Soil Scientist and Geospatial Ecologist at Soil Sage.  She has been a professional environmental scientist since 1999, since receiving her degrees in Biology and Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing.  Her areas of expertise are land use change analyses, spatial statistics, and soil regenerative health and sustainability.  She received her Ph.D. in Soil and Crop Science and Soil Biodiversity from Colorado State University in 2016.  She is also a contributing author to 170 customized soil survey manuscripts that include ecological site descriptions for the Soil Resource Inventory of the National Park Service.  Her work experience includes 15 years as an Environmental Scientist, Project Manager, and Geospatial Ecologist, for both private and government entities.  Her experience also encompasses 18 years of soil and biological field research, data and laboratory analysis, and geospatial analytics.  In addition, she has over 25 years of data analysis and management experience.  She has also combined her technical and scientific skills in analyzing landslides, landscape condition assessments, and environmental revegetation and restoration projects.  In addition, she is a strong advocate in promoting the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the United Nations sustainable agriculture goals for soil education and sustainability.  She also is a participant in the International Research Cooperative on Soil Carbon Sequestration.  She is strategic partner with PaleoBiotica’s, and active in the domestic and international Soil Science Societies.  Dr. Judy Daniels is a United States Air Force Veteran and lives in Arvada, CO.

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Sam Streeter, CPSS
COO, Senior Scientist 

Sam has a background in update and initial Soil Survey Mapping projects. His area of expertise is in geospatial soil science, digital soil mapping, soil health, and data management. He has worked with diverse array of stakeholders including; Private landowners, the US Forest Service, The Bureau of Land Management, and the National Park Service, to map complex soil systems while respecting the end user and delivering a world class product. Sam has contributed to six published USDA soil surveys. His experience spans over twelve years integrating science and technology to solve diverse geospatial soil interactions. While with the USDA he was an integral part of the Digital Soil Mapping Cadre, where he taught and mentored students in digital soil mapping courses. Sam also has many years of experience working with farmers and ranchers, providing hands on demonstrations to the public regarding soil and crop interactions. He has a degree in Soil and Crop Science from Colorado State University. Sam is a Certified Professional Soil Scientist, and is FAA certified in Small Unmanned Aerial Systems.

CPSS Cert #729058 - FAA Cert #4100157

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